Excerpt from a statement originally posted at by the Communist Party of Venezuela, Caracas, February 22 2020

The purposes of the aggression and the attacks by international capital and it’s lieutenants of the local Right wing forces against the national dignity and the well-being of the Venezuelan people are no longer a secret to anyone. The bourgeoisie of the United States, the big domestic capitalist monopolies and their related parties, have acted against peasants, workers and communities in Venezuela and Latin America for more than half a century.

The Imperial onslaught has increased considerably in the last decades of the Venezuelan political process. It does not only include political conspiracy, assassination attempts and plans of national fragmentation so as to occupy geographic areas, carried out by oil and mining companies, but also economic sabotage, the grotesque elevation of prices of the basic food basket, the transport boycott, the sewing of anarchy and thousands of other abuses committed daily by the pro-imperialist Right. It is well known that for the advancement of those plans, the Right takes advantage of impunity and other governmental mistakes. 

In recent months their isolationist plans and economic-military provocations have entered a new phase, looking to close in on surrounding the Venezuelan nation, to deliver the final blow against the Bolivarian process and its avant-garde. The imperialists and their lackeys, suffocated by the huge and prolonged structural crisis which consumes them, consider that the appropriate time has come to hit the struggles of the Venezuelan people at their base, ruining social plans, cornering the people and finding a way out of the Bolivarian Government through any route. These plans have been given the green light by the coup mongers, promoted by US imperialism, their footmen in Latin America, as well as by the unpatriotic Right based on Venezuelan soil. 

The policy of carrying out an interventionary coup, so developed by the imperialist government of the United States, the European Union, and with the shameful collaboration of a number of Latin American governments, now focuses its goal on an aggressive military-political propaganda campaign, hidden behind the so-called “humanitarian aid” which seeks to justify the invasion of our country. 

We condemn the imperialist plans of hunting down the natural resources and privatising them, publicly declared so by the United States, the European Union, the Lima Group, FEDECAMARAS-VENAMCHAM, and the National Assembly in contempt and directed by Guaido group. 

We, members of the FPAA, call for preparation, organization and popular mobilization. We demand a heavy hand by the Government against the saboteurs, intervenerors and terrorists, immediate jail for price speculators. We demand the application of article 113 and 114 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the monopolist price speculators in particular and to the financial system. We call to establish worker-peasant-community-popular control over the processes of production, marketing and distribution, and to boost national industrialization plans. We also call for a real agrarian revolution that would definitively remove the dependence, exploitation and unpatriotic ruthless blackmail of the historical enemies of the Venezuelan people and of the world.



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