Shepherd David’s ancient call to action

Louis Xvi (1754-1793) by Granger

Shepherd David’s ancient call to action
by Mataas na Damo

Citizens! Why?
Why are you the curse of your own people?
You are prey to profiteers,
You are prey to wickedness,
You are prey to individualism,
You are prey to exploitation,
You are prey to cowardliness…
You have trampled solitary under foot,
You have trampled our laws under foot…

Citizens! Why?
Why are you the curse of your own people? Because the Spirit of Greed is in you. Yet the Spirit of Greed is stronger in those who govern you.

Thou art to blame for it. Thy corruption and perverted ways of living have made thee an evil human. Thou art a curse to the people. A curse that has destroyed the good life in us.

Citizens! Rise!
Rise against the false liberties, which the tyrannts have given you. I say you will remain prisoners of eternal competition against your equals, if you do not find in your hearts… the empathy to unite and rebel. Seek the strength to redeem our collective freedom!

Damned shall you be that still remain in the bottomless chasm of individualism!

2 reaktioner till “Shepherd David’s ancient call to action”

  1. Can you be more specific about the content of your article? After reading it, I still have some doubts. Hope you can help me.

    1. What is it to doubt? It’s a metaphorical biblical reference by an anonymous Tagalog poet.

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