Good and evil. Right and wrong.


What society?

This is a good way to start.



Evil is everything that cause

  • inability to fulfill the metabolic requirements and need of shelter
  • physical harm
  • physical and psychological pain
  • disability
  • death
  • ignorance

Good is everything that is not evil. To what extent something is good is subjective. However compassion and solidarity are objective foundations of good.

Ethic is motivation based on the idea of objective moral values (e.g. the golden rule). Typically ethics strive to maximize good and minimize evil.

Moral is motivation based on ideas of right and wrong. Such ideas are defined within a cultural and religious context, hence moral is subjective.

Legislation tends to be based on moral, therefore the resulting laws often are unethical.

Morality is the ability to distinguish right or good conduct from wrong or evil conduct.

High moral is when individuals mindlessly follow orders and laws (people tend to fall into line when they hear an authoritative voice).


My ideology

Sin is to fail to conform to religious morals. The idea of sin is evil.

Crime is to fail to conform to laws. The idea of crime is wether good nor evil.

Wether a sin or a crime is evil or good depends on which law it breaks.

There are evil punishment practices that should never be used. These include mutilation, capital punishment and public shaming.

All humans are born good. Society forms evil citizens by allowing injustice, allowing disproportional egoism and by failing to see the needs of mentally and physically disabled. Thus the main objective for correction centers should be mental care and social training.

The human species has evolved over a very long time. The conditions have changed since we lived in small tribes at the river banks. Many rules have been invented with the purpose to gain power over fellow citizens. It is time to get rid of such rules. Rules of a modern society should protect the individual from evil. Period.



From ancient Greece:

  • Anti nationalism
  • In favor of city states
  • All adults are the parents of all children

From the French revolution:

  • Equality
  • Liberty
  • Solidarity

From the French libertines:

  • Naturism
  • Indiscrimination
  • Promiscuity

From the political arena:

  • Direct democracy
  • Common welfare
  • Common wellness

Ethics and science:

  • Secularism
  • Evolutionism
  • Skepticism


Final words

Life is about making the world a better place. The first step is to learn open mindedness, tolerance and compassion.

  • Love is the law, love under will.
  • Nudity must never be associated with sex.
  • Seeing violence is harmful.
  • Seeing public affection (including sex) is edifying.
  • Animals, plants and earth must be treated with respect.
  • Pain caused to prevent a greater evil is in itself not evil (e.g. surgery and dentistry).
  • We all have a responsibility to provoke each other to reflect and engage in discussion.
  • Theism is never true and science is not always giving answers. That makes philosophy the most important and interesting field of study.
  • Art in all its forms (including mathematics) has a very important role in society:
    – Art shall provoke and raise questions.
    – Art shall comfort and provide harmony.
    – Art shall illustrate and enlighten.

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