True love defined

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* Affectio – the comforting Love that builds up with time, for parents, grandparents, siblings, partner, children, grandchildren and long term true friends

* Philia – the warm and friendly Love that shares and joys

* Agape – the brotherly Love that is compassionate and sacrificing

* Eros – the desiring bodily Love that is hot and satisfying

* Coeus – the intellectual Love, that unites Intelligence and Feel

* Fiducia – to trust, the knowledge that the other person will never revile your secrets or use them in any way without your agreement

* Respectu – we are different from each other – respect that, be openminded and don’t judge even if you question something, debate and discussion usually leads somewhere. Trying to enforce change or even insulting each other leads nowhere.


[True love is all of them but can in a shorter definition be defined as: Love, Trust, Respect and Lust. A little bit redundant, but understandable].

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