Bangsamoro action against injustices, 16th of October 2023

Bangsamoro action against injustices, Mindanao 16th of October 2023

Transcript: Bangsamoro Action Against Injustices, Mindanao, Philippines, 16th of October 2023.


Declaring our unwavering support to the Palestinians, who have continuously been suffering, for many decades, unbearable oppression, but far bitter, massive and painful more than ever since this past few days until now, under the hands of arrogant terrorists, murderous, barbaric extremists and inhuman Zionist Israelis, who consider Palestinians human animals.

As members of the Muslim Ummah and caring communities of Mindanao, we universally and ardently call the attention and appeal to the consigns of the United Nations, European Union and United States to immediately halt the intensified Zionist Israeli military attacks on Gaza using weapons of mass destruction that had been brutally killing hundreds of innocent civilians, children, women and elderly, and wounding thousands of Palestinians and completely destroying hospitals, schools and residential buildings, a war crime against humanity.

We also strongly call the United Nation, the United States and Great Britain to put to end the longest and endless Zionist war, the occupation of the Palestine since November 21, 1947, when Jewish state was established through UN resolution 181. Restore the peace and security in the Palestine land so that the Palestinians who are innocents and original inhabitants in this occupied land can live a normal life as human being and those with basic rights to life, dignity and liberty like the rest of other nations in the world, and above all uphold the fundamental human rights to be universally protected under the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December 1948. The international humanitarian law under the Four Geneva Conventions of 1949 apply to armed conflict that restrict the use and methods of warfare, protect civilians, prohibits the infliction of unceasing suffering and promotes the principle of humanity and the right to self-determination, provided under the international convention of civil and political rights which by virtue of that right all people can live freely, that means the political status pursue their and cultural development, it further declares that the state parties to the covenant shall promote the realization of right to self-determination and shall respect the tribe.

We vehemently demand Zionist-Israelists who are responsible for the protracted Israeli military operations and illegal occupation of the Palestine, especially Masjid al-Aqsa, as well as the recently used missile attacks on Gaza since last week that devastated and ruined the lives of the innocent Palestinians as grave violations of human rights against humanity.

We jointly protest the Zionist-Israelist food and water blockade and the cutting of electric supply to the Palestinians in Gaza as inhuman and barbaric act, apparently a violation of the fundamental human right to life and survival, therefore condemnable at the highest degree.

Zionist-Israelis must allow the passage and entry of unitarian interventions from the diverse nations across the globe, especially UN-based humanitarian organizations, to deliver relief goods and medical assistance to the huge number of starving and wounded civilians.

Finally, to our Muslim and all peace loving people around the globe who firmly believe in the universality of the Muslim Ummah and humanity we call upon you to hold on as one body and show support to our oppressed Palestinian brothers and sisters through solidarity, protest, humanitarian intervention and by extending our prayers to their survival, peace, liberty and freedom and so is the preservation of Marjol Aqsa for the Muslims, Christians and even for the Jews as common holy place.

Marxist-Leninist Reading Hub – Audiobook Links

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The suggested reading list is broken down into stages. These stages are in an order meant to help you progress from accessible texts to more complex texts that build upon each other. Within each stage feel free to go out of order, but the order listed is the suggested order.

Between stages you will see books that do not go out of order and are purposefully placed between one stage to the next. These “transitional must read” are placed to either help solidify what has been talked about in the stage you just finished and/or to help prepare you for the next stage.

You will also see “Optional Texts”. These texts are complementary for the stages they are placed in, but are not required to move on to the next stage.

In practice this would look a little like this:
Start Stage One: On Authority -> Principles of Communism -> Dialectical and Historical Materialism -> Transitional Must Read: Blackshirts and Reds -> Move on to Stage Two: The State and Revolution -> and so on...

Audiobook List

Stage 1

Optional Texts


Stage 2

Optional Texts


Stage 3

Optional Texts


Stage 4

  • Marxism and the National Question by Stalin
  • Some Questions Concerning Methods of Leadership by Mao
  • On the Party: V. Democratic Centralism within the Party by Liu Shaoqi
  • On Correcting Mistaken Ideas in the Party by Mao
  • Combat Liberalism by Mao
  • Oppose Book Worship by Mao
  • The Three Main Rules of Discipline and the Eight Points for Attention by Mao
  • In Memory of Norman Bethune by Mao

Optional Texts

  • Freedom to Criticise and Unity of Action by Lenin
  • Twelve Recommendations by Ho Chi Minh
  • The Foolish Old Man Who Removed the Mountains by Mao
  • Serve the People by Mao

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