The socialist parties must cooperate better

Socialist freedom fighters in Southeast Asia

Comrades! I feel that 2021 is the year when, instead of devoting energy to criticizing our opponents, we should make every effort to tell everyone about our political line.

Original version in Swedish published in Dalademokraten February 12, 2021

When our personal views deviate significantly from the party’s, it would be dishonest not to make reservations and explain both the party’s and our own opinion.

The development of the party program is a democratic process and opinion formation within the framework of the party’s values is an important part of its constant adaptation to prevailing circumstances. The technology of today offers e.g. completely different conditions today than did just a few years ago and the development since 1848 has naturally been enormous.

The Swedish Left Wing Party is a socialist, feminist and anti-racist party on ecological grounds. We are part of the labor movement, the women’s movement, the anti-racist movement and the environmental movement, internationally and in Sweden. The party’s policies and activities are determined by our goal: to realize a society based on democracy, equality and solidarity, a society free from class, gender and racist oppression, a just and ecologically sustainable society where we build our own future in freedom and cooperation .

In order to change society, we must understand how it works. Theory and practice presuppose each other. For the Left Wing Party, Marxist and feminist theories are important political tools that must be used critically and experimentally, adapted to today’s conditions.

My personal opinion is that we must end the fruitless discussions about hair-splitting that have divided the labor movement on several occasions throughout history. From the first seed was sown in 1881 until today, the divisions have not been based on disagreement about the goal: economic democracy, but have been partly about the way there and partly the degree and character of authority.

When Hjalmar Branting, who represented a reformist agenda, agreed with the monarch and representatives of the capitalist class in 1917 to slow down development, this led to the progressive phalanx of the Social Democrats breaking out and forming what is today the Left Wing Party. In 1967, the progressives were divided into a series of divisions into what came to be known as the letter left. This has been of no use to anyone other than the monarch, the capital-owning class and its favorable pultrons.

I believe that we should as soon as possible form a cooperation body for at least F!, V, RS, SKP and K.

NOTA BENE: After the dissolution of the Paris Commune in 1871, the labor movement was divided into two parts: the syndicalist-anarchist and the socialist. I am convinced that when world socialism is achieved, this split will be reversed.

Hampus Cronander

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