Rice bread 米麵包

🍚 Gluten-free bread made from rice, and rice only! I found the full recipe below by Chez Jorge on Facebook

This rice bread has a distinct mouthfeel, denser than regular white bread but chewy and fragrant in its own right.

This method was discovered through some
Taiwanese and Japanese books, namely ones by Shiori. It’s amazing how blended rice goo can function so similar to gluten and bake into something with a soft, tight yet light crumb like this.

4.6 dl (2 cups) raw white rice
2.3 dl (1 cup) water, room temp
3 tbsp vegetable oil or vegan butter
1 tsp salt
2 tbsp light-brown sugar or maple syrup
2¼ tsp instant yeast

1) Opt for rice that is naturally soft, springy, and fragrant. I found the best results with short-grain Japanese and Taiwanese rice; long-grain rice (like basmati, jasmine), glutinous rice, or rice flour all give poor results. Wash the rice like you would for cooking and soak in new water for 2 hrs, at room temp.
2) Drain rice well and add to a high-powered blender along with all ingredients, yeast last. Blend until very, very fine, about 2-3 mins; unblended grains will sink to the bottom, causing problems in the rising / baking process. Now the batter should be warm, about 40°C (105°F), no hotter.
3) Pour the batter into a lightly-greased non-stick loaf pan (consider parchment paper if yours isn’t non-stick). Mine is 24 cm x 10.5 cm x 9 cm. Whichever loaf pan you choose, make sure the batter only comes half-way up initially.
4) Cover and proof at 40°C (105°F, usually an oven’s lowest temp) until 1½ times the original size. Take the pan out and preheat the oven to 190°C (375°F). As soon as the batter rises to nearly 2 times the original size, bake uncovered for 35-40 mins, or until golden-brown on top. Be sure to spritz the top with water every now and then, as the rice batter is highly prone to drying-out.
5) Once baked, release the loaf onto a wire rack to cool. It’s best fresh, but can last a few days in the fridge.

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